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Cracking A/B Testing Problems in Data Science Interviews

Everything you need to know about A/B testing. I am going to share other A/B testing resources to help you with your interview preparation.

Cracking Metric, Business Case, Product Sense Problems

I'll share three frameworks that I used to answer product questions which help me get job offers from Airbnb, Lyft and Twitter.

Coding Interview for Data Scientists

Let's talk about what type of coding questions to expect in Data Science Interviews.

5 Statistics Concepts in Data Science Interviews

Let's talk about the 5 most commonly asked statistics concepts in Data Science Interviews.

BAD Advice on Data Science Interviews

Misleading advice that are thrown around on the Internet. I hope it will give you some clarify and encouragement for you to navigate your job search process.

My Journey from a Data Scientist to a Software Engineer at Airbnb

How I switched rom Data Science into software engineering and why I made the switch.

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Cracking the Data Science Interview

The fundamentals of cracking Data Science interviews, including A/B testing, business case/sense, SQL, Data Science project, and more.


How to Get Your First Data Science Job

Getting your very first Data Science job can be hard. These videos cover everything you need to know about getting your first Data Science job.


Real Data Science Interview Q&A

Real Data Science interview questions and how to answer them.


A/B Testing

A special playlist for all A/B testing related videos.


Machine Learning

Commonly asked machine learning questions in Data Science interviews.


Real Talk with Data Scientists

The journeys of Data Scientists who landed their dream jobs.


About Me :)

Videos about me and my career journey.

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