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You’ll get fundamental, strategies, and practice of product case interviews to land your dream Data Scientist job without struggle and frustration.



Product Case Interview PRO 

This is our signature 3-phase program. It provides the materials and support you need to build a solid product sense and ace product case interviews like a pro. With the program you get access to:

  • 50+ video lessons
  • 30+ quizzes
  • 3 interview cheat sheets
  • 100+ high-quality interview questions
  • Exclusive Slack Community

Note: The program focuses on a specific kind of interview, product case. It does not cover any other subjects, such as SQL, statistics, machine learning, etc. Because data science interviews cover diverse subjects other than product case interviews, we advise you not to rely on Product Case Interview Pro as your only interview preparation.

It's perfect for you if...

You are a data scientist hoping to join your dream company to advance your career, but you get stuck with product case interviews.
You are a student who has a data science, statistics, or engineering background and wants to find a data scientist position.
You are a career changer and want to break into the data science field, but you don’t know how to build your product sense to ace interviews.
You are sick and tired of trying to piece together free information online and have no idea how to crack product case interviews.